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Szentendre excursion (4-5 hours)

This town is also called artists’ town due to the many painters and sculptors used to live here. This small baroque city in the vicinity of Budapest has Mediterranean atmosphere, many monuments, museums, galleries, relaxing atmosphere and is also a great place for souvenir shopping. It is recommended to visit one of the museums, e.g. the museum of the ceramic artist Margit Kovács, the diamond manufactory and jewellery museum-shop ”Caprice” or the Skanzen, the open air village museum.  The Skanzen is an excellent place to have a closer look at the every day life in small villages in different regions of Hungary. Various activities can be organised in the Skanzen for the guests, like baking bread, making ”lángos”, prepare candles, handicraft etc. The Szentendre program can be enriched also with wine tasting in a wine cellar. The transportation to or from Szentendre is possible on ship all year round (except special conditions).  Recommended number of participants: from 10 to several hundred people