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The great Hungarian plain (8-9 hours)

This landscape is characterised by endless horizon of dry steppe with remote villages and farms. After a walk in the centre of Kecskemét, the ”capital” of the puszta we take the guests to a farm to enjoy a horse show with the ”csikós”, the Hungarian horse man.  We will be welcomed with a typical Hungarian brandy called pálinka and a salty cake “pogácsa”. After the show the guests have the opportunity to ride a horse without saddle and go around the puszta in a carriage ride and admire the horses and other animals on the farm in the stables. A very opulent typical Hungarian lunch will be served in the ”csárda” accompanied live music of the gipsy band.  A great team building program can be the  Puszta Olympic Games. The guests are divided into groups of 5-10 and in a rotation system they go to the different stations where tasks connected with the puszta (e.g. cracking whip, driving a carriage or a donkey, throw horseshoe etc.) have to be fulfilled and will be scored. Recommended number of participants: from 20 to several hundred people
Puszta program near Budapest (4-6 hours)

The program is the same as written above only the location is different, it is a farm in a short distance from Budapest. Recommended number of participants: from 20 to several hundred people

  1. It is possible to organize the puszta programs also as a late afternoon-evening venue.
  2. Besides the live music folklore program can be organised as well.
  3. It is possible to transport the guests to both locations in old timer so called “nostalgia” trains. The trains with steam driven engine is an excellent way to travel in the country side but because of the cost it pays off if there is a relatively larger group size.