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Excursion to the Sissi palace (4-5 hours)

The palace in Gödöllő is the largest baroque palace of Hungary, where the admired Queen Elisabeth spent 2000 nights, more than is Schönbrunn. The renovated rooms regained their past splendour and provide detailed introduction to the interior of royal suites in Hungary. The specialist guide of the palace gives a detailed introduction to the guests about the rooms and the baroque theatre. In the theatre private concerts of different types and in the park hussar performance can be organised for the group. The guests can be treated to a coffee and a cake in the pastry shop of the palace. The transportation to or from Gödöllő is possible on the so called "nostalgia" trains as well. The visit of the palace can be combined very well with a puszta program on a nearby farm. Recommended number of participants: from 10 to several hundred participants.