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City Tour

General tour of Budapest (usually 2-8 hours)

Ideal Travel offers you an excellent way to experience the architectural and cultural magnificence of Budapest. Our guests have the opportunity to discover the city’s major sights in a personal live-guided tour with new and comfortable vehicles, buses. This program is available in a wide range of languages. Depending on the length of the tour there are several stops where the participants undertake shorter or longer guided walks. The tours of shorter durations provide a general overview of the Hungarian capital while the extended ones may include the inside visit of some of the sights. Recommended number of participants: from 2 persons up to several hundred
Theme tours in Budapest (depending on the tour 2-8 hours)

Our agency offers a wide choice of themed tours in the Hungarian capital. Upon request we can customize any of our tours according to special interest of guests. Depending on the tour it may be organized with the help of vehicles or in form of a walking tour and is always accompanied by a guide, specialist or staff. The recommended minimum size of participants is from 2 persons while the maximum size depends on the type of program. 

  1. Architectural tour of the city – the representation of the most remarkable, characteristic buildings of all architectural styles represented in Budapest 
  2. Art-nouveau tour – to get familiar with the rich art-nouveau heritage of the city
  3. Spa tour – discovery of spa culture of Budapest by relaxing, bathing and enjoying massage  in one of various spas of the city
  4. Food shopping and cooking course with meal – purchase of the typical ingredients in the central market necessary for the preparation of 1 or 2 Hungarian typical dishes in a cooking course. The ladies may taste the self cooked meals. (in addition there is always also meal prepared by the chef)
  5. Music tour – visit of the Opera enhanced with short opera performance and/or museums of famous Hungarian composers and getting acquainted with typical Hungarian instruments
  6. Jewish heritage tour – the exploration of the rich Jewish heritage of the city by visiting synagogues, monuments and museums
  7. Religion tour – visit of the most stunning buildings of the religions represented in the Hungarian society
  8. Art tour – guided visit of one or several art museums with the assistance of an art specialist
  9. Communist tour – visit of the Statue park and one of the neighbourhoods in the suburbs with block houses constructed during communism
  10. Pub tour – visit of popular pubs and bars of different styles and categories
  11. Public transportation tour – The guest will travel with several means of public transportation to the different sights, like subway, tram, funicular, bus

City rally – treasure hunting (usually 3-8 hours)

The city rally is an unusual and interactive way for the guests to discover the tourist attractions while completing different tasks. This type of city tour is suitable for team building as there are groups of 5-10 persons formed for competition. The groups travel either in smaller or bigger buses always accompanied by guide. In every stop there is staff assistance to check quality of the compliance of the challenge awaiting the group members. As evaluation scores and/or little presents can be given before proceeding to the next stage of the city rally. By every stop there is a task awaiting the group and there is an assistant checking the fulfilment and gives scores and/or little presents.


  1. All the programs mentioned above can be enriched with a stop in one of the famous cafes of the city
  2. In case of a longer tour a lunch break can be fit in the program in a restaurant, which meets the best the needs and interest of the group